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How to Choose The Best Facial-Cleansing Brush for You

Hand holding FOREO LUNA 4 plus pink facial cleansing brush, surrounded by water

We're bringing you a detailed LUNA™ device guide for 99% cleaner, firmer skin, and absurdly effective skincare absorption. For those who don't care for origin stories, skip to the WHY, WHAT, WHO of the devices below. For those who want to know more, here we go. But before we do, we just wanted to let you know that we're treating our MYSA readers to 30% off on all FOREO devices with the code MOM30. The promotion is valid until June 3 2024.  

The First Principle

Some things are just so fundamental that they deserve the status of a "first principle." Usually reserved for science, philosophy, or fancy business ethics, we can also find a first principle in skincare - Wash. Your. Face. Whatever else you've had in plan for the only face you own WILL NOT WORK unless you wash your face. Dropping in medias res might be exciting in movies or novels, but face care demands a few steps to follow in order - at least here under our Swedish-simplicity-logic umbrella of wellbeing. FOREO skincare routine believes in convenience, efficacy, and the minimal investment of time and energy while maximizing results. Simplicity and practicality are key because we're human, we're all kind of lazy, and we need to see results to remain motivated.  Motivation matters because it would be easier, so much easier, to backslide into old habits. Simple and effective equals consistency. Consistency equals lasting improvements - in life and skincare alike. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXytnYiCq58  

#1 Global Silicone Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

All of these reasons contributed to the birth of FOREO's first baby, the original LUNA™, the first ever silicone sonic facial brush which started a revolution in facial cleansing. It turned a tedious routine - we've forced ourselves through morning and night - into a 1-minute treat. Converts to skinimalism rejoice! No more 9-step-this and 12-step-that. Clean is the only way to start any routine and you can simply stop there, if you (are young and perfect, and) require nothing else. What started in Chinese and Asian communities when FOREO set the first LUNA™ brushes free into the world, quickly wild-fired its way through the globe. Today, they are the favorite of more than 30M FOREO fans scattered over 6 continents. LUNA™ got famous because it does what it says it will do, it does it fast, and you can enjoy it more or less forever. FOREO doesn’t believe in bothering you (or themselves) with endless replacement part processions.  Designed for comfort and durability, the brushes also attribute their success to the eco and social responsibility the company demonstrated by creating something you'll keep on using for years and years. If you've got one of the first brushes ever made a decade ago, chances are it still works and looks like it did the day you unboxed it.  Progress should not take sustainability hostage and there is no better care for the environment and the customer than to create products that last. It is simple: Higher quality = Less waste.  

To the Moon and Back or How LUNA™ Got Its Name?

How far has FOREO gone to do things better? To the Moon and back. No joke. LUNA™ (lat. moon) did not get its name due to the lunar shape as it is often believed, nor because it looked like it was out of this world.  The fact is much weirder still and connected to one of the most memorable human achievements of all time. LUNA™ was named after the material used, and you’ll never guess who was your first body-safe silicone buddy - Neil Armstrong. Yes, the first person who set foot on another celestial body… ever… in the history of our species. Mr. Armstrong had the soles of his Moon boots made out of the same material as the LUNA™ you now know and love.  Told you it was weirder than you thought. So long after the Moon landing and a decade after the first face brush, LUNA™ is still the best cleanser brush commercially available. The best cleansing brush for the face has recently also expanded into body care with LUNA™ 4 body, answering countless customers demands with its latest, 4th, generation.  

But…which LUNA™ to Choose?

Analysis paralysis, decision paralysis, or choice paralysis... it's the same thing. When faced with too many options, you just do the deer in headlights thing - get paralyzed, choosing no direction for fear of making a mistake. Well, LUNA™ functionality makes it impossible to go wrong due to radical customization, top-tier materials, and freakishly long battery life. However, there is a general division based on skin type, lifestyle, and skin age that could serve as a breadcrumb trail through the maze of options. Before we step in and say "Heya!" to the Minotaur, here are a few quick Fun (and frankly disgusting) Facts that you'll obsess over all day: - Your face accumulates 4 kg of dirt and dead skin cells each year. - Approximately 1 billion individual bacteria are living on your skin. Right now. Here comes the fun part: - LUNA™s are clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue in 1 minute + bacteria-resistant silicone touchpoints are 35x more hygienic nylon bristles There you have it. Now, off to the labyrinth.  

LUNA™ 4 plus

IDEAL: IF YOU ARE over 35 and looking for a pro deep cleanse, but you have no time to hang about salons because of adulting and stuff to do, You're also silently mourning the departing face freshness and noticing fine lines that weren't there a few months ago. 


BEST FOR: Aging skin  AGE: 35+ KEY TECH: 

  1. Heated Deep Cleansing
  2. NIR & Red LED Light Therapy
  3. Targeted Microcurrent Massage

CLEANSING MODES: Gentle, Regular, Deep # OF INTENSITIES: 16 FIRMING MASSAGE: 5 app-guided & 5 patterns SKIN TYPE SEGMENTATION: Normal & Sensitive # OF USES/CHARGE: Up to 100 CONTROLS: App + manual LUNA™ 4 plus is the only face cleansing device that offers clinical-grade anti-aging results. This means you'll get a hella deep (yet gentle) NIR LED heated cleanse that gets the gunks out of the pores while tackling signs of aging on the face and neck by microcurrent toning and rejuvenating red LED. Or just enjoy a relaxing T-Sonic™ massage. You've survived beyond your mid-thirties. Seriously, you deserve all the massages you get and someone to keep telling you you're doing well while feeding you chocolate. - You're doing well; everything is fine. In addition to being pleasant after a long day, the low-frequency pulsations also help boost radiance and depuff. I remember the 20s (however vaguely). None would know you'd danced the night away after an espresso or two. These days, it takes two days to depart from a mid-tier wild night. But we're (sort of, almost) wiser, so it all balances out. Aging is inevitable. But we can choose how.

Get LUNA™ plus now


Why LUNA™ 4 plus?

Clinically proven to: Significantly improve wrinkles, firmness, smoothness, and elasticity. Significantly improve skin texture and even skin tone.  Leave skin supple and hydrated, with less visible pores. Hand holding FOREO LUNA 4 plus pink facial cleansing brush, surrounded by water


IDEAL: IF YOU ARE 20-34, living your best life, building a career and private security, and having enough time and resources to treat yourself here and there, but are VERY serious about deep cleansing your face and want to wave your most expressive finger to the first signs of aging. 


BEST FOR: Cleansing & light firming  AGE: 20-34 KEY TECH: 

  1. Deep Cleansing
  2. Firming Massage

CLEANSING MODES: Gentle, Regular, Deep # OF INTENSITIES: 16 FIRMING MASSAGE: 4 app-guided & 5 patterns SKIN TYPE SEGMENTATION: Balanced, Sensitive, Combination & Men  # OF USES/CHARGE: Up to 600 CONTROLS: App + manual   The best option for the 20s and early 30s when you just need a deep post-makeup cleanse and a little preventative premature aging care. LUNA™ 4 knows we're very different and have various preferences, so it offers an easily tailored cleanse. Guided massages tighten the skin, and you can just follow your app guide. No need to remember anything. Choose among three skin-type-specialized brushes distinguished by color: Lavender color is the best facial brush for sensitive skin, peach is ideal for balanced skin, and green is for us with combination skin.

Get LUNA™ 4 now


100% of users report more refreshed & radiant skin. 98% of users report skin feels smoother & softer. 86% of users report skin looks & feels firmer, and more elastic.   Smiling woman laying in bed, holding FOREO LUNA 4


IDEAL: IF YOU ARE a guy with a busy lifestyle, not interested in extended grooming, if you want to feel clean, fresh, and firm, and want to spend as little time as possible shaving, + you like app-connected stuff. Oh yeah, and if you get one more razor burn, you swear you'll...


BEST FOR: Deep skin & beard cleansing and face firming  AGE: All ages KEY TECH: 

  1. Deep Cleansing
  2. Firming Massage

CLEANSING MODES: Gentle, Regular, Deep # OF INTENSITIES: 16 FIRMING MASSAGE: 4 app-guided & 5 patterns SKIN TYPE: Thicker male skin  # OF USES/CHARGE: Up to 600 CONTROLS: App + manual   With bristles adapted to thicker and oilier male skin, LUNA™ 4 MEN eliminates trapped dirt, oil, dead skin cells & daily grime in just 1' and is an ideal shave prep. It cleans & conditions the skin and beard while T-Sonic™ facial massage vibes you to a toned, chiseled game face, and you finally enjoy a razor bump-free existence. And the blades will last up to twice as long.



97% of users report softer skin and a smoother shave 91% of users report firmer, more elastic, and healthier-looking skin  90% of users report a closer shave, less razor burn, and longer-lasting razor blades FOREO LUNA4 men on the table with a laptop and a mobile phone

LUNA™ 4 mini

IDEAL: IF YOU ARE 13-19, just entering the skincare world, and want the perfect brush for teenage skin that prevents breakouts on the nose, cheeks, and forehead. Being a teenager has its perks; enjoy it, and we'll take care of the odd blemish trying to ruin your day.


BEST FOR: Teenage skin with problem areas AGE: 13-19 KEY TECH:       1. Deep Cleansing

  1. Glow Boost

CLEANSING MODES: Regular, Glow Boost Mode # OF INTENSITIES: 12 SKIN TYPE: Dual-sided for all skin types (4 colors available) # OF USES/CHARGE: Up to 500 CONTROLS: App    The mini-but-mighty little thing for a healthy, radiant glow in just 1 minute! We've all been there and know the frustration, the mirror-hating, the relentless hormonal changes that reflect on the skin. You may be doing everything right, but your skin doesn't care... at all and decides to wait for an important party or a date to break out. But hey, you're young. Enjoy the youth - pimples or no pimples. We're all jealous of you.

Get LUNA™ 4 mini


WHY LUNA™ 4 mini?

100% of users report more refreshed and radiant skin. 96% of users report healthier-looking skin. 81% of users report reduced appearance of blemishes. Hands washing FOREO LUNA 4 mini facial cleansing device in coral color

LUNA™ 4 go

IDEAL: IF YOU ARE always wandering, can't stay put, and do the snail thing - carrying a few compact & most versatile possessions wherever you go. BUT, you're also kind of spoiled and refuse to compromise on style and functionality - be it wardrobe or skincare. 


BEST FOR: Avid travelers AGE: All ages KEY TECH: 

  1. Deep Cleansing
  2. Firming Massage

# OF INTENSITIES: 8 FIRMING MASSAGE: 1 pattern SKIN TYPE: 2-zone brush head for all skin types (4 colors available) # OF USES/CHARGE: Up to 300 CONTROLS: Manual   LUNA™ 4’s compact and lightweight little sister packs some serious punch straight from your gym bag or on the red-eye to your new destination. You know that feeling on your skin after a crowded airport or the puffy mess you call your face after flipping timezones left and right? It’s for that.

Get LUNA™ 4 go


WHY LUNA™ 4 go?

100% of users report more refreshed and radiant skin. 98% of users report skin feels smoother and softer. 98% of users report better absorption of skincare. FOREO LUNA 4 go pistachio colored device in a basket with other FOREO devices and skincare products

LUNA™ 4 body

IDEAL IF YOU want your shower/bath to be a personal spa.


BEST FOR: Body-owners  AGE: All ages KEY TECH: 

  1. Deep Cleansing
  2. Gentle Scrubbing

# OF INTENSITIES: 8 SKIN TYPE:  All skin types (3 colors available) # OF USES/CHARGE: Up to 300 mins CONTROLS: Manual   Most of the dust in your place is dead skin. Let that sink in. If you don't live alone, you're breathing in other people - kind of disturbing but weirdly intimate. Well, the important thing is you don't need to wait to slough off naturally; you can help your dead skin move down the drain while firming and ironing out those cellulite pockets. Bath or a shower person, it doesn't matter; LUNA™ 4 body will remove dead skin, unclog pores, and leave skin clean, smooth, and supple. And your lotions will sink in SO MUCH BETTER.

Get LUNA™ 4 body

WHY LUNA™ 4 body?

Clinically proven to improve firmness significantly. 74% of users report cellulite looks improved in just 1 month. 74% of users report less breakouts. Women's legs under the shower. Woman cleaning legs with FOREO LUNA 4 body

The Lotus Effect

Remember that weird sounds-too-good-to-be-true info about the ultra-hygienic silicone, 35x more hygienic than nylon bristles? It is because LUNA™ cleans itself. Say whaaaa!! How? The Lotus effect Sounds fancy, right? We'd love to take credit and reap the bragging rights, but this is all nature's work. LUNA™ brushes stay so pristine, clean, and germ-free due to a specific pattern of microscopic bristles that makes it impossible for dirt or grime to stick and transfer to your skin. This unique pattern is called the "Lotus effect," and it is the same feature that keeps lotus leaves perfectly clean even amidst all that swampy mud.  Nature is really smart; she doesn't waste energy. She's also conservative - Only that which works stays, and we've just borrowed the principle.  

Beware of FOREO Dupes

There’s only one real Slim Shady. FOREO devices are a one-time investment, made of either medical-grade or food-grade silicone of the highest quality, and none of them require any replacement parts.  They have become synonymous with quality and spa-level treatments accessible to people from all walks of life, at home. So, please, beware of dupes. Dupes don’t have the same attested materials, perfectly calibrated technologies, or protections in place and can seriously damage your skin.  Please make sure that if you do choose FOREO devices, you get them from a reputable source and we’ll continue doing our best to stop the dupe proliferation and keep working for your most beautiful future.    We hope you’ve found your ideal fit facial brush and wish you a care and blemish-free rest of the year.     




MYSA user avatar
Rosana 04/01/2020

When tou say :Can be used to up 100 times, thats meant 100 times and discard? Or 100 and recharged ?

MYSA user avatar
FOREO 07/02/2020

In reply to by Rosana


Hello Rosana, if you are referring to our Luna Play please note that Luna Play is not a rechargeable device not battery operated. Hence, it can be used up to 100 times and then you can decide if you wish to give us a chance and take into consideration our devices which are not an introduction into our Skin Care line. :)

MYSA user avatar
Zelal 27/03/2020

For how many times I can use LUNA 2?
Can you tell me which one is the most buying by the oily skin customers?
Much appreciated

MYSA user avatar
FOREO 08/04/2020

In reply to by Zelal


We recommend using your Luna 2 maximum 14 times a week. Hence, two times a day. If you have oily skin then I would definitely recommend Luna 2 for Oily skin.

MYSA user avatar
Trang lee 16/04/2020

I have a dry skin. Which color is fit for me,

MYSA user avatar
FOREO 23/04/2020

In reply to by Trang lee


Hi Trang, we would recommend Luna 3 for Sensitive Skin. However, you can also check our website where you will find all information that you need.

MYSA user avatar
hayley williams 30/04/2020

Hi i am not sure which one of your products is the best i want to invest in one and want to buy it once without wasting money on others trying them out my sister said they are brilliant but im confused as there is so many please can you help

MYSA user avatar
LB 05/05/2020

I've attempted to buy one of these numerous times. Honestly, I'm still paralyzed by overchoice.

MYSA user avatar
carly 19/05/2020

In reply to by LB


Hey Lisa! I understand with regards to choice! If you need any help with what type of skin you have we do have an online skin test linked to certain devices! I hope that helps


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